ZVpro HD Over Coax Modulators

  • Distribute HD video throughout your facility
  • Replace multiple signage players
  • Commercial or residential
  • Use existing coaxial cabling
  • Compatible with any HDTV

Ethereal HDMI Cables

  • Professional HDMI cables
  • Supports resolutions up to 4K
  • Incredible data transfer speeds
  • DPL certified & CL rated
  • Lifetime warranty 

echoBox Wi-Fi

  • High speed secure internet through existing aerial cable
  • Fastest and most reliable connection to your online devices
  • Wi-Fi + 4 port hub
  • Lossless wireless extender
  • Buffer free streaming - low latency gaming

Ethernet Over Coax Adapter

  • High speed internet through existing TV cable
  • Fastest and most reliable connection to your online device
  • Immune to interference found in and around the home.
  • Total network security
  • Low power consumption <10w

High Speed Ethernet and HD Video Over Your Existing Coax Network

Unleash the potential of your home aerial network with these incredible new products

Send HD video and high speed data over an existing coax network using the latest innovations in HDMI and data distribution.

The ZVPro and echoBox products utilise a buildings' coax network to deliver high quality HD and Ethernet signals without the need for costly rewiring.

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